Business Services

Company Formation

Not only do we help you register your new business with the various government authorities, we also help you evaluate the most beneficial structuring, type of legal entity and the best state to register based on your unique business requirements and individual circumstances.  

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Income Tax Returns

We provide tax-planning and the preparation and filing of business tax returns with the federal, state and local agencies, and advise on positions to be adopted on the return. We also provide IRS representation, file amendments or issue opinions on specific case laws. 

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Sales Tax 

Not only do we help you register for sales tax in the various states, we also ensure timely payments and filing of sales tax returns. However, our biggest value addition is to help evaluate Nexus for each state, to determine whether you should even collect sales tax in the first place. 

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide full-service bookkeeping from journal entries to reconciliation, or a review of your books if you prefer to manage them yourself. We work across all software platforms including Quickbooks, Xero, ZohoBooks or WaveAccounting. 

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We provide full-service payroll including the processing of periodical paychecks, tax payments and the quarterly or annual return filings with the various agencies. We also help resolve all pay-stub, tax or payroll related queries from your employees. 

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Other Compliance

A business must comply with a lot of other regulations including the annual franchise or property tax return filing with various states, to responding to various notices from the government to keeping the various agencies updated with your business information.  

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Expanding to the United States? 

We specialize in helping international business owners expand their business to the U.S. We serve clients in India, Netherlands, Singapore, Canada and various other countries. Click on the button below to learn about US International tax law and cross-border transaction services such as transfer pricing, controlled foreign corporations etc.

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Cryptocurrency Enthusiast?

Are you a business that accepts cryptocurrency in exchange for your goods and services, or are you mining cryptocurrencies as more than just a hobby? We are cryptocurrency enthusiasts ourselves, and keep on top of all the changing regulations. Let us take the compliance headache off your plate so that you can focus on what you truly love: your core business. 

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